April 29, 2018

Emily’s Bridal Portraits

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I am so excited to finally share Emily’s bridal portraits! I have been dying to share this stunning session! Emily and Luke are finally married; you’ll see their wedding blog post soon. I mean just wait until you see these; AHH!! Emily is the most beautiful human inside and out and I’m so incredibly excited to have been chosen to capture Emily and Luke’s wedding.

The day of Emily’s bridal portraits called for a 90% chance of rain and we were going back and forth about if we would need to reschedule or not. We waited it out until the day of to see if anything would change and low and behold the Lord worked his magic! We checked the weather Sunday morning and there was only a 20% chance of rain now and the sun was supposed to come out as soon as our session started. PRAISES! We got to the venue and the sun was shining and there was hardly a cloud in the sky!

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I mean seriously, is she not stunning?!?

And of course I had to throw in some bloopers of Emily be snuggled up in her fur blanket in between shots, because we were FREEZING!

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The horses came and hung out with us for a little bit. I can’t handle the beauty!

I knew Emily was going to look beautiful, but OH MY GOSH!!

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Those eyes!

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I could not get over Emily’s dress! It was stunning!

I just love this girl and I’m so glad we got to take these even though we froze while taking them. haha. Love you Emily!

xo Brittany ox


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