June 5, 2019

What to Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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Weddings can be unpredictable and there is always something that can happen and go wrong. No matter how much you plan, mishaps are inevitable. As a wedding photographer, I want to be prepared to step in and help in case anything unexpected happens. I’ve had bridesmaids dresses rip, bridal gowns straps fall off, buttons on the guys’ suits fall off, stains of men’s dress shirts, stains of the ring bearer & flower girl’s outfits, false eyelashes fall off, and updos falling down. You name it, and I’ve probably seen it!

So, through all of my mishaps, I have created my own wedding day emergency kit and I cannot tell you how many times it has helped save the day! I’m going to go over everything that I include in my kit, why I have it in there, and what container I store everything in.


Sterilite 2 pc Utility Storage Tub

This storage system is super compact and easy to carry, which is why I love it! Each layer of the container snaps together and the top has a handle on the top to easily carry it with. The top bin has six compartments, which allow you to easily separate small or loose items. The bottom layer is just an open container that makes it easy to store larger more bulky items.

Contents of the Kit

Clear Hair Elastics

Bobby Pins

The bride or bridesmaids always have a curl fall out of their updo and these always save the day. I also use these to help secure the bride’s veil at every single wedding!

Hair Spray

Sewing Kit


Safety Pins

Eyelash Glue

Nail Glue

Fashion Tape

Bug Spray

This is a lifesaver during outdoor summer weddings!

Tide To Go Pen

Static Guard

This is perfect for bridesmaids dresses that are super clingy

Wrinkle Releaser

This is a lifesaver when there isn’t a steamer on hand

Wet Wipes

These are perfect for the little ones that have been snacking and need clean hands so they don’t ruin their outfits

Metal Command Hook

This is super handy when there isn’t a hook or ledge to hang the bridal gown where you want to hang it

I hope this helps rescue from a wedding day emergency like it’s saved me many times!

xo Brittany ox

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