July 27, 2020

Paxton and Amanda’s Flower Garden Surprise Proposal

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Paxton reached out to me last week about wanting me to secretly photograph him proposing to his girlfriend, Amanda, at Irvington Spring Farm. I arrived at the farm about 30-45 minutes before Paxton and Amanda did and scoped out the perfect place for Paxton to get down on one knee and snapped a photo and sent it to him. Then I promptly hid behind a very large stack of crates and waited for them to arrive. I apologize to all of the other guests there as I looked so extremely creepy hiding with my giant 70-200 lens. hahaha. I finally saw Paxton and Amanda arrive and got ready for Paxton to get Amanda into place to propose. They took a few minutes to walk around the farm and take some pictures. Finally, Paxton brought Amanda over to the spot I had picked out; they took one last picture and then Paxton scooted behind Amanda and had to turn around as he got down on one knee. Amanda was all smiles and was so excited to say yes! She was also blown away by the gorgeous ring that Paxton presented her; I honestly think it took her breath away (it took mine away too! It was stunning!). After putting on the ring and a few hugs and kisses, Paxton told Amanda that I was there photographing the entire thing and that we were also going to be taking some more photos throughout the farm. I was so excited to be there celebrating them and capturing such a special moment in their lives! After congratulating the two of them and chatting for a minute, Amanda told me that Paxton had been fake proposing to her all week and even the day before this day, so she didn’t believe him when he got down on his knee. She immediately told him to get up and thought he was going to start tying his shoe like the other fake proposals haha. She finally realized he was serious when he began to tear up. So sweet!!

These two are the absolute cutest and couldn’t stop smiling! Amanda and Paxton both said that their cheeks hurt from smiling so much only about 5 minutes into taking photos. haha.

Her ring!! So stunning!!!

Amanda seriously has the most gorgeous eyes ever!!

I think Paxton was doing more twirling than Amanda was. haha.

These gorgeous pink flowers made the most perfect backdrop for ring shots!

It was insanely hot while we were there, so we took a quick water break and Paxton bought Amanda this stunning bouquet of flowers; they made the perfect accessory to the rest of the session! I was also extremely jealous that they were able to walk into the flower cooler while I took some ring shots! hahaha.

Congratulations Paxton and Amanda! I’m so excited for the two of you!


Everyone should go check out Irvington Spring Farm! They have the most gorgeous array of flowers to look at and to purchase. I couldn’t resist purchasing a stunning bundle of dahlias after we finished up with photos.

xo Brittany ox

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