July 26, 2017

Emily and Luke’s Engagement Session

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Emily and Luke are the absolute sweetest couple! Emily, Luke, and I actually went to high school in North Carolina together, before I moved to GA the summer after freshman year. Then a few years later, Emily and I attended Liberty University together after graduating high school. It was so good seeing the both of them again at their session. Emily was always one of the sweetest girls in school and you just couldn’t help buy love her!

Emily and Luke have been dating for over four years now; they started dating the summer after their freshman year of college. Emily ended up transferring to UNC Wilmington, where Luke played baseball, and they both graduated from there. Emily patiently waited for Luke to propose and when he finally did, she was ecstatic!

They are getting married on April 28, 2018 at Moore’s Springs Manor in North Carolina. This is one of the most amazing wedding venues I have ever seen. There is a large estate home on the property that boasts large porches and balconies on the front and back of the home. When you walk out of the front door of the home, you are staring straight at Hanging Rock; it is a breathtaking view! There is a large reception hall on the left of the property, a white barn that provides a rain backup plan for the ceremony, a greenhouse with beautiful flowers, a pool, pool house, and an incredible marble arbor in the backyard. I cannot wait for their wedding day at this incredible venue!

These two were so much fun to hang out with at their session! Here are my favorites from their engagement session.

Emily’s ring! All of the heart eyes for diamonds and pretty flowers!

Then obviously these two ended their session with a beer by the pool. These two are so laid back and fun to be around; you just can’t help but have a good time around them!

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  1. Mary Greene says:

    Beautiful people and beautiful pictures.