Emily and Luke’s Engagement Session

Emily and Luke are the absolute sweetest couple! Emily, Luke, and I actually went to high school in North Carolina together, before I moved to GA the summer after freshman year. Then a few years later, Emily and I attended Liberty University together after graduating high school. It was so good seeing the both of them again at their session. Emily was always one of the sweetest girls in school and you just couldn’t help buy love her!

Emily and Luke have been dating for over four years now; they started dating the summer after their freshman year of college. Emily ended up transferring to UNC Wilmington, where Luke played baseball, and they both graduated from there. Emily patiently waited for Luke to propose and when he finally did, she was ecstatic!

They are getting married on April 28, 2018 at Moore’s Springs Manor in North Carolina. This is one of the most amazing wedding venues I have ever seen. There is a large estate home on the property that boasts large porches and balconies on the front and back of the home. When you walk out of the front door of the home, you are staring straight at Hanging Rock; it is a breathtaking view! There is a large reception hall on the left of the property, a white barn that provides a rain backup plan for the ceremony, a greenhouse with beautiful flowers, a pool, pool house, and an incredible marble arbor in the backyard. I cannot wait for their wedding day at this incredible venue!

These two were so much fun to hang out with at their session! Here are my favorites from their engagement session.

Emily’s ring! All of the heart eyes for diamonds and pretty flowers!

Then obviously these two ended their session with a beer by the pool. These two are so laid back and fun to be around; you just can’t help but have a good time around them!

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Rachel and Clint’s Beach Session

Rachel is one of my cousins and the identical twin to Rebecca from my last blog post, Rebecca and Ethan’s Beach Session. Rachel is a nurse and Clint is a State Patrolman in North Carolina. We were all down at Emerald Isle for the week of July 4th, so Rachel and Clint headed down to the beach one night with me for their couple session. We had such an incredible sunset that night and the colors were beautiful! Clint was nervous about being in front of the camera, but I think he put on a front, because you could never tell in the photos.

Here are a few of my favorites from their session.


Casey and Krystal Maternity Session

This past Saturday, Casey and Krystal traveled to a friend’s farm for their maternity session with me. When they told me that the farm had a sunflower field, I was hooked! I could not want to get out my camera and start photographing those beautiful sunflowers and Casey and Krystal of course.

Casey and Krystal both went to school together with my husband, Matt, all the way from elementary school to high school. They have all been best friends for many years and we all live right down the road from each other. Casey and Krystal are high school sweethearts that have been married for over two years now and are expecting their first baby, Easton. Matt and I are so excited for these two; we cannot wait to meet baby Easton and spoil him!

Here are my favorites from their maternity session last week.

Mama Bump Rentals provided this incredible white maternity dress for Krystal’s session and I am in love! The dress photographed so well and looked absolutely stunning on Krystal.

Makeup by Jessica Reynolds did Krystal’s makeup for the session and it looked incredible!

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I will also be doing Easton’s newborn portraits in August, so we on the lookout for those after this sweet boy makes his arrival!

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Rebecca and Ethan’s Beach Session

Rebecca is one of my cousins and best friends. Her and Ethan have been together for a several years now and they are just the cutest couple. We were all at Emerald Isle beach for the fourth of July, so we knew that we wanted to do a couple session on the beach. We were blessed with the most incredible sunset the night of their session! Also, little did Rebecca know, Ethan was planning on proposing the night after their session. It was so fun being able to capture such precious images of them before they got engaged. I am so incredibly happen for the two of them and I cannot wait for their wedding!

Here are a few of my images from their adorable beach sunset session at Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

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Mommy & Me Beach Sunset Session: Whitney & Grace

Whitney is one of my cousins on my mom’s side of the family; she has the most precious 3 year old daughter, Grace. We usually go to the beach together every year in Emerald Isle, NC; it is our absolute favorite place to be!

When Whitney was pregnant with Grace, I took Whitney’s maternity pictures in Greensboro. I had just started my business and It still amazes me the difference between my work then and now. I’ll share some of Whitney’s maternity session, so you can see how much my photography has evolved into my specific style and skill that it is today.

Whitney, Grace and myself headed out to the beach at sunset one night before we all ate dinner together as a family. I knew these images were going to be beautiful, because Whitney is stunningly beautiful and Grace is the most precious little girl; however, I was not prepared for the amazingness of the sunset that we were blessed with! This session was amazing and I want everyone to view the beauty of this beach sunset and Whitney and Grace.

Here are a few of my favorites!

I just cannot get over this session and the incredible sunset that we had this night!

Whitney you are the most selfless, strong, loving, and caring mom to sweet Grace! Grace is so incredibly blessed to have such a good mama that does everything in her power to take care of and love her unconditionally. I love you two immeasurably and I’m glad I get to call you beautiful girl’s my family.

xo Brittany ox


Why I am a Photographer

I always get asked this question; “why did you become a photographer?”. I always struggle with my answer. I have always loved photography. From middle school until now, you would never see me without a camera in my hand. That is usually what I tell people, but there is a deeper reason why I actually started my business over 4 years ago. 

When I was a senior in high school, my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He immediately started chemo and radiation and the tumor shrunk dramatically and he was able to stop treatments. Unfortunately, a few months later and one month before I left for college, my dad went for a check up appointment and was told that his cancer was back and had spread and strengthened. My dad went back to receiving treatments, but this time was much more difficult; he remained in the hospital for the majority of his treatment. My dad fought all he could, but sadly passed away on January 10, 2012.

I remember going through pictures to make a slideshow for my dad’s funeral and being devastated that I didn’t have more current pictures of him and our family. As much as I had a camera with me, I still didn’t have many images of my dad and our family together. Our family had not had professional portraits taken since I was about 9 years old and the only professional image of my dad alone was from my parents wedding day in 1990. This is where my passion for creating professional quality photographs and memories for other people. 

I am not a photographer just simply because I enjoy taking pictures; it’s much more than that. I want to ensure that no family has to go through the loss of family member without any current portraits to accurately remember them by. When you lose someone you love, all you have left to cling to are the memories and pictures. I aim to create memories, not just images. When you look at the images that I have created, I want them to ignite emotion and memorialize every season of you and/or your family’s life. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so why not make the most of the days we are living right now? Take lots of pictures, have professional portraits taken every year; do not be left without images of your loved ones to cling to when all you have left are memories and pictures. You’ll only regret the pictures that you didn’t take. 

Creating memories for people is my passion; this is why I am a photographer. 

xo Brittany ox


Maria Spaulding Maternity Session

Maria was one of my professor’s from college at Liberty; she taught my educational assessments course and was also my student teacher supervisor. For those of you that don’t know, I graduated from Liberty with a degree in Elementary and Special Education. I now work at a local high school as a special education teacher aside from owning my photography business; I do both and I love it! 

While in college, I always remember thinking that Maria was superwoman! She taught college courses, supervised student teachers, ran 10 miles every day, had two small boys and homeschooled both of them, taught exercise classes, and always looked put together and adorable. It still baffles me to this day how she does it all. And to top it all off, she loves the Lord fiercely and inspires so many people daily.

Maria is now pregnant with her third boy; that’s right, 3 boys! Maria, her husband Mark, her 2 boys, and I headed out to the new wedding venue, Glass Hill Venue, for her maternity session. Oh my gosh y’all! This venue location is INCREDIBLE!! Glass Hill Venue is about to break ground to begin building the actual venue on their property and it is going to be an amazing venue! The land overlooks the mountains and the sun sets right in the center of the mountains; it made for the most beautiful backdrop. Thank you to Glass Hill Venue for allowing us to come out for this session.

And now, let’s actually get to the actual session! Here are my favorite images from Maria’s maternity session.

Maria’s two boys are so sweet!

These boys had the best time with the machines there. We made a deal that if they posed nicely for all of the pictures, then they could get a picture on the big machine.

The sunset this night was breathtaking. I am so grateful that this precious family chose me as their photographer and I cannot wait to see those precious photos of baby Dawson!

xo Brittany ox


Cassidy & Sage

Cassidy and Sage’s June 3 wedding at Historic Riverview on the James was filled with love, joy, and beautiful personal touches. Both Cassidy and Sage’s family and friends were so kind and excited for the the happy couple.

Cassidy and Sage are high school sweethearts and are the cutest couple. The both radiate joy and it is so evident how much they love one another. They are truly best friends and continually laugh and smile when they are together. I am over the moon for Cassidy and Sage and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Here a few of my favorites images from Cassidy and Sage’s wedding day.


All of the fairytale touches and details were so perfectly done! Everything was thoughtfully and beautifully thought out; I loved every aspect of their wedding! It was truly a real life fairytale wedding.



Cassidy and Sage’s first look, no peak



Sage’s first look at Cassidy brought me to tears during the wedding and while editing these images. SO PRECIOUS!


Cassidy and Sage’s sweet families


Are they not just the most precious couple??!


Cassidy and Sage’s guests definitely had some good dance moves!


This sparkler exit is stunning


Thank you Cassidy and Sage for choosing me to capture your wedding day; I am honored to be a part of it! I cherish you both and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

xo Brittany ox


Missy & Brian’s Engagement Session

Missy and I have no one another since our sophomore year of high school. We met when I moved to Georgia in high school and joined the swim team, which she was already a part of. We were also in chorus, show choir, and theatre together, so we were basically together all day for three years of high school. To this day, she remains one of my best friends. Here are some flash back photos to our days in high school for your viewing pleasure.

Now that we have that embarrassment out of the way, let’s get to Missy and Brian’s engagement session shall we?

We both happened to be back in Atlanta for the weekend for one of our friend’s bridal shower, so Missy asked me to take their engagement portraits while I was in town. The only day that worked for their session happened to be the day I was leaving, so we opted for a sunrise session. It was early, but boy was it worth it! We started at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield and then headed to Marietta Square for the rest of the session. We got some incredible shots and I cannot wait for their wedding next year! Here a few of my favorites.

Thank you Missy and Brian for being incredible human beings and friends. I cannot wait for your wedding!

xo Brittany ox


What to Wear to Your Senior Session

Whenever I book a session, the first question my client asks is typically, “What should I wear?”. This is always a daunting task for clients when preparing for their session, because the outfit usually sets the tone and style for the entire session.

I have come up with some helpful guidelines that will hopefully make deciding what to wear to your session a little easier.

Wear What Makes you Feel Comfortable and Confident.

There is nothing worse than standing in front of a camera and being uncomfortable about your outfit choice. If you are uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it will always show on your face in your images. You do not want to be tugging at your clothes or trying to readjust clothes throughout your entire session, because things are uncomfortable.

You want to be confident in what you are wearing to your session! When you are confident in yourself and your clothes, your facial expressions and entire portrait experience will be so much better. Your portrait session is not the time to step out of your comfort zone and try an outfit that is way out of your style and comfort zone. These images will be shown to family and friends for years to come; you want to enjoy the experience and make sure that your confidence shows in those images. So whatever outfit you choose, make sure that you are comfortable and confident in that outfit.

Mix Simple Patterns Into Your Outfits

Adding simple patterns to your outfit allows for pops of color and interest to your images, so that you stand out from the background. Basic florals and wide strips (avoid pinstripes or thin stripes as they photograph weird) are great examples of patterns that flatter most body types and photograph well. Try to avoid funky and crazy patterns as they will go out of style quickly and can often take the focus off of your face; which we do not want to do, because everyone needs to look directly at that pretty face of yours!

Wear Something Classic and Timeless

We all have those pictures of us that every time we look at them, we think “What was I thinking wearing that!?”. Or we see pictures of our relatives from decades ago and wonder what in the world were they thinking putting that outfit on. Trends come and go so quickly throughout the years; we can all see the differences in trends over the decades. Don’t get me wrong, I love certain fashion trends at the moment, but your professional photography session may not be the best place to memorialize those trends.

You need to have at least one outfit during your senior session that in classic and timeless; something that you won’t look back out and wonder what you were thinking. Choose an outfit that 10 or 20 years down the road will still be in style and won’t be embarrassing to show your future children.

Dress to Impress

Graduating high school or college is a huge accomplishment; and it should be celebrated! Make sure to dress your best for your senior session. You want to make sure that you look your absolute best in your images, so dress accordingly. Down here in the Bible belt, we like to refer to it as dressing in your Sunday’s best or your “church clothes”.

For the Girls

Here are some standard outfit or fashion pieces that look beautiful on and photograph well.


– Skirt & cute top


-Nice jeans & cute top

– Flowy/ Dressy shorts & cute top

For the Boys

Here are some standard outfit or fashion pieces that look beautiful on and photograph well.


-Slacks & Button Up Shirt

-Nice, Dark jeans & Button Up or Polo

What To Avoid

Girls, try to avoid t-shirts, light-wash jeans, flip flops, athletic shoes, ball caps, and jean shorts.

Guys, try to avoid graphic t-shirts, tank tops, light-wash jeans, flip flops, ball caps, and shorts.

While these clothing items are fine for every day, they do not always photograph well. You want to look pulled together in your images, so spend some time finding an outfit that looks impressive and also matches your personal style.

Here are some visuals of some great outfits that some of my past clients have worn that looked great in their images.

I hope this simple guide to choosing your senior session outfit helps make the process a little easier! Also, don’t forget that Pinterest is a great place to find cute outfit ideas for your session. Head on over to my Pinterest page and check out my outfit inspiration boards to help you get some ideas for your own session.

xo Brittany ox