October 5, 2017

How to Prepare For Your Bridal Portraits

Hey there pretty bride!

I always get a lot of questions about how to prepare for a session, especially a bridal portrait session. Bridal portraits are a huge part of the wedding planning process and really set the tone for how you’re going to look on your wedding day. Think of your bridal portraits as a trial run for your wedding day. Therefore, you need to prepare for your bridal portraits just like you would for your wedding day.

I’ve compiled a list of important preparation steps to consider when getting ready for your bridal portraits.

Get a Facial

It’s always important to take care of your skin, but it’s especially important when you’re going to be having photographs taken of you that will be displayed for years and years. You want to look your absolute best, so taking extra steps in your skincare routine is extremely important. 

Find a local esthetician that can help you find the best facial for your skin type and needs. Also, when trying any new skincare regimen, make sure to have the procedure done at least two weeks before your event/session to ensure that you don’t have a reaction to the treatment. 

Get Your Nails done

You wouldn’t ever think of not getting your finger and toenails professionally done on your wedding day, so do the same for your bridal portraits. While you may be good at painting your nails on a regular basis, leave it to the professionals for your bridal portraits.


Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

I cannot stress how important this is! The camera has a tendency to wash you out, so it is so imperative that you have professional makeup done for your bridal portraits. A professional makeup artist has the knowledge and skill to make your features pop in photographs and look your absolute best! A good tip is to book your wedding makeup trial run with your makeup artists on the day of your bridal portraits. This allows you to see what your wedding day makeup will look like in pictures and then make adjustments as needed for your wedding day. 

Get Your Hair Professionally Done

Get your hair done just like you’re wanting it done on your wedding day. Just like my tip for your makeup, have your wedding hair trial run on the day of your bridal portraits. You’ll get to see what your hair will look like on your wedding day with your dress and then make adjustments to perfect your wedding day look. 

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Steam Your Dress and Veil

Make sure that your dress and veil are steamed and wrinkle free for your bridal portraits. Wrinkles show up easily in portraits, so make sure to get all of those wrinkles out before your session.

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Ask Someone to Come With You

Ask one person to come with you to your bridal session to help you get dressed and hold your dress while you walk throughout your session. You could ask your mom, aunt, grandma, friend, etc. to come and help; anyone that is special to you that is going to be super helpful on the day of your session. 


I hope these tips help you prepare for your upcoming bridal portraits! Do you have any helpful tips for brides preparing for their bridal portraits? If so, leave them in a comment down below; I would love to hear your advice and suggestions!

XO Brittany OX

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